DWAA is a community-based and collaborative cultural event that spotlights some of the best innovations throughout the country, allowing creatives and design enthusiasts and opportunity to learn about one another and foster new ideas.

The Design Week Addis Ababa festival aims to further the creative industries in Ethiopia and foster the economic potential of designers, creators, and innovators by showcasing their projects and products directly to the end users and commercial partners.

This multidisciplinary festival covers the themes in alignment with UNESCO’s Creative Cities initiative. Our bi-annual festivity celebrates the best innovations in:


  • To create a sustainable platform for cultural and creative engagement.
  • To highlight Ethiopia’s best innovations and innovators across industries.
  • To provide opportunities for economic growth and market access to both emerging and established designers, artists, artisans, innovators, technologists, and creators alike.
  • To serve as a global brand ambassador for the creative industries in Ethiopia.

This year’s event aims to strengthen the country’s creative industries by facilitating opportunities for knowledge exchange and technical development through workshops, panel discussions, exhibitions, and other interactive events and activities.

DWAA has already represented Ethiopian creativity, design, and
innovation in 2 international design festivals:

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Since launching in December of 2015, Design Week Addis Ababa (DWAA) has become the most anticipated design event in East Africa. It offers a distinctly collaborative platform for creative, cultural, and commercial engagement.